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10Gbps Network Packet Throughput on Intel Atom with DPDK

At Netadvia, we are firm believers in getting the most out of less when it comes to network devices. This philosophy is fuelled by the need to manage device performance against hardware costs, particularly as intelligence and processing power is being pushed towards the network edge. In this article,  we push the limits of Intel Atom powered network devices to achieve 10Gbps packet throughput using a single core.

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DPDK, VPP & AF_XDP Overview

While many make comparisons between DPDK, VPP and AF_XDP, our view is that these technologies work extremely well together depending on the use case. In this article, we present an overview of these technologies breaking down their architecture, their maturity in the industry as well as identifying situations where each can be used. Requirements related to packet throughput, network stacks and firewalls are all contributors in deciding the technology, or combination of technologies, to apply.