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Netadvia is a network software engineering services and consultancy company focused on the design and development of high-performance network applications. 

We leverage open source solutions, such as DPDK and VPP, to deliver highly optimised software products deployed on cost-efficient off-the-shelf hardware. Our specialised expertise in Intel Architecture enables us to deliver high-performance, low-latency network functions without the high price tag.

As networks have been transformed through NFV (network function virtualization), so too has the focus and expertise of our network software engineering team in the area of VNF (virtual network function) and CNF (cloud-native network function) network application development. We deploy network applications as Docker containers ensuring scalability and portability across varying hardware architectures.

Netadvia SL was created as a spin-off of Emutex Limited, an embedded software engineering services company, who we continue to work with closely as trusted partners.

The Netadvia Team

We have built a highly skilled and experienced team who are always ready to take-on the next challenge.

Network Software Engineering Services - Julian Secades

Julian Secades

CEO / Senior Software Engineer

Proficient full-stack developer focused on delivering a highly functional and clean user experience. Julian delivers UI solutions enabling the management/configuration of products.

Carlos Iglesias

Senior Software Engineer

As well as being a highly experienced C developer, Carlos designs and develops test automation frameworks to ensure that product delivery is always of the highest standards.


Network Software Engineering Services - Carlos Iglesias

Pierre Laurent

Senior Software Engineer

Specialised in network performance acceleration and security, Pierre has deep expertise in cryptography and compression algorithms and their application, specifically on Intel Architecture.

Network Software Engineering Services- Anthony Fee

Anthony Fee

CTO / Senior Software Engineer

Expert in high-performance network application development and a contributor to DPDK. Anthony leverages the latest technologies in developing next-generation network applications.

Pablo Aguilar

Software Engineer

Our in-house artificial intelligence expert, Pablo is focused on enhancing network technologies using AI. He has developed and managed test automation frameworks and has growing experience in C.

John Twomey

Engineering Project Manager

As a highly experienced project manager, John has been liaising with customers in defining and driving projects for many years in order to ensure their successful delivery.

Core Values