Netadvia S.L.

Netadvia is a Software Engineering Services and Consultancy Company Focused on the Design and Development of High-Performance Linux-Based Network Applications

High-Performance Network Applications
We deliver highly optimised network applications including the integration of key user space networking technologies focused on maximising packet throughput.
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Linux to VPP Migration
We facilitate a seamless and rapid transition for customers looking to migrate from Linux to VPP.
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Network Architecture Optimization
We are unparalleled experts in Network Architecture Optimization, fine-tuning networks for peak performance and future readiness.
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VNF & CNF Solutions
We design and develop Docker ready Virtual & Cloud Native Network Functions ensuring portable and scalable solutions.
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Device Management & Configuration
We architect and deliver full top-to-bottom network device management and configuration solutions including customised cloud-based management interfaces.
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Our Mission

We assist telecom and networking solution providers to achieve higher performance and cost benefits in network traffic processing and network function deployment on Intel Architecture.

We achieve this by developing and integrating virtualised networking software technologies into their solutions for use on ubiquitous off-the-shelf edge and server computing platforms.

Key Technologies


We leverage the power of DPDK (Data Plane Development Kit) to maximise network application packet throughput. We also develop device drivers to enable new devices within DPDK.


We integrate the VPP (Vector Packet Processor) high-performance network stack to enable full user space solutions. We develop customised plug-ins that can be deployed as part of the VPP Packet Processing Graph.

Intel Architecture

We have specialised expertise in the art of software optimisation on Intel Architecture. We develop high-performance software for both high-performance and low-power processors to maximise network application performance on any device.

Network Infrastructure Optimization

With years of experience and a dedication to staying at the forefront of telecom technology, we specialize in refining network infrastructures, boosting performance, and driving efficiency.

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